Last weekend baked (a pie) for the first time in my life.

Prob wouldn't call it enlightening, but there's still some magic broken when you realise that baking per se isn't actually that hard.

The pie turned out alright, will try doing brownies tomorrow.

This baking thing seems to be addictive. Ü

Guide to commutative diagram packages for LaTeX

ASCII diagrams in \verbatim

I've been living in a pretty small town for a while now and coming to a relatively big city for more than a week is an interesting experience.

You suddenly realise that air quality is a thing™️, noise pollution is sooo irritating (how can you talk to people in the streets?) and there are way more weird people willing to interact with you.

Of course, cities are different yada yada, but I've lived in this one for >10 years and never noticed this before.

I used to forget to eat regularly 2-3 years ago, but somehow it stopped happening lately.

This morning, I'm in a slight hurry, finish my tea, stand up and everything goes dark before my eyes for a literal half a minute.
Panic a bit and then realise that I haven't eaten in more than 24 hours.

Makes me think whether I should start setting up reminders from now on.

Tired: I can't even hold stuff, juggling is not for me

Wired: juggling is precisely dropping, catching, and dropping again before the other things fall down

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Another thing I wanted to learn more about from semi-theoretical pov is juggling notation.
But given that I can't even hold a relatively small number of things without them falling down almost immediately will probably get in a way.

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Never took time to learn group theory that underlies Rubik's cube, but spent this morning trying to figure out how to solve in semi-math way it with a friend.

Having 2×2 lying around was super helpful, we did it first and almost cracked 3×3 afterwards (I had to run).

Loads of fun!

Persimmons in pockets
Make your very solitary
In a crowded bus

Just to clarify — the answer isn't negative.

Also, should I call myself lucky because they cared enough to copy paste my name?

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YFW when profs complain about only slightly altered emails that they get from PhD applicants, but then you spend three hours per email to write personal ones and get clearly template answer that doesn't even take into account some information you've sent them before.

I was able to get to a major conference in the summer because of the volunteering program, but this was just ~20 volunteers out of ~600 attendants. And half of those were phd students who had funding for the conference anyway.


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And no, there's no funding for anything for anybody.

I'm not really sure what's the point of this, but it feels really frustrating when you don't have access to people in your area off the bet and when you finally make an attempt to establish connections it ends up depending on whether you can pay entrance fee.

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People keep talking how academic events should be more accessible to undergrads, but the reality is that you're supposed to pay 400€ for a three-day workshop and there's no way around it.

I thought I could be smarter than this and stay at friends place going to the venue just for the workshop, but lo and behold:
they don't allow you in unless you pay 60€ per day.

T. Reps, M. Sagiv, and G. Yorsh.
Symbolic implementation of the best transformer
In VMCAI, 2004

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It's just ridiculous how effective some of the "tricks" for mental stuff are.

I've been frustrated with how little we know about the way brain works if antidepressants are hit-and-miss and the doctors frequently suggest just "getting out more".
The latter could almost be made by 5yo, like no shit.

I've been thinking for a while that the usual pronounce graduation in western languages is so insufficient to express intimacy.

Like, in German there are essentially two grades — du and Sie. In English it's just one.
(given that "thou" isn't really used)

But "you" for your SO is so much different from "you" for an acquaintance.

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