@elly Just read your tilde /~elly/userland.txt - one of the most clear and concise bits of text I've ever read, really informative. Had to say wow and thanks!

A single reasoned opinion, no matter how misinformed, is more precious than a parroted voice in a mob, more so when the reasoner reassesses that opinion over time.

So mastodon is really just another incarnation of the shit swilling, pearl-clutching, anger inducing, needy infested Twittersphere.

I'm trying to figure out if this is down to leakage of toxic culture or plain old human nature.

Sincerely created web content is an expression of oneself.

Commercially driven content is a reflection of perceived interest.

Create sincerely.

Wow! Inventing missing bits of photographs.


Simulated 3D zoom on a single frame image.

Are you crazy? Looting would be suicidal in the zombie apocalypse.


Exclusive or something