Anybody around up for a quick web design gig?

(Boosts welcome)


What kind of requirements are we working with? It's been a while since I used any heavy equipment on the Web, but I might be able to lend a hand.

@MutoShack I need a single page design to introduce my upcoming business.


Sounds alright. I'm sure there are more experienced designers here, but I'll start drawing up a few templates this evening just in case!

@MutoShack cool, thanks! When you have some option do let me know so we can have a chat.


I *used* to have a bunch of templates for landing pages like this. I might still have them around, but a fresh start is always relaxing.

I'm going to bed, but I did spend a *bit* of time organizing an idea. Not much at all yet. I want to work with you as we go along so we don't go too far in the wrong direction!

I'm currently going for a generic bootstrap-like design so far, with the large sectioned layout. A bit rough but you can see what I'm going for.

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