Worst feature ever: Netflix’s brutal automatic preview. It’s so against the user that is clearly designed to be that way.


Yeah, can somebody tell netflix to chill that shit out?

@TheGibson I wrote them so many times I might have been blacklisted.


It really is disgusting... I think I've developed a new skill from scrolling between objects onscreen.

@TheGibson @0xf0 I know exactly what you guys are talking about. This crap is annoying and nothing is configurable.

@dlek @TheGibson it’s basically deep throating for consumers: they shove stuff down people’s throats. Fuck everything else.

@0xf0 yes this drives me fucking insane. Worst interface ever.

@0xf0 Any thoughts on how this is good for anyone? Seriously, does this nonsense anti-feature benefit even Netflix?

@bgardner I keep asking them and I keep being ignored. That has all the features of a single powerful person’s idea that managed to end up in the final product because politics.

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