I've been reading a lot about the evolution of Windows NT... Quite interesting, honestly.

It does put Microsoft under a totally different light.

...and on my way back to the Valley again...😩

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Holy nuts. The #Beets program:
Can automatically organize all your music metadata!

So I have the #JetSetRadio soundtrack. All the songs are made by different people, which messes up my "Search by artist" function on my iPod.
Each of these artists really only have 1 song each, and I just want to listen to some JSR, so Beets can batch modify the music album, turning them all into one artist - "Jet Set Radio" and also put them all in the same album!

Very, very handy.

Rushed back home in Italy for yet another immediate family loss... it’s odd how used to this we got, at least logistically.

Guys, my team is still looking for a Linux DevOps. If you're in the Bay Area (or willing to relocate), please let me know.

Great and very well established NASDAQ100 company...

I'm making a huge effort not to complain... but the power of the rant is high.

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For every boost this receives I will draw you an avatar which looks like a featureless potato

I can hear the bastard downstairs snoring...

This is the amazing quality of California buildings.

The real plague of adulthood: nose hair...

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Forgive me if I sound unpopular but Linus, the YouTube dude, is one of the most annoying individual to have ever crossed the interwebs.

He’s f**king everywhere, jeez.

You have a Mac and you love it.
But you always wanted to be a ninja at the same time.

With Tiles you can practice your ninja skills on your windows. Snap them where they belong!

Get Tiles and all your windows will be at your fingertips.

Tiles is the free window manager for macOS. Get it from sempliva.com/tiles

Microsoft has just announced Hololens 2.

...my former employer might have a rough week.

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From cpio(1):

The GNU folks, in general, abhor man pages, and create info documents instead. The maintainer of cpio falls into this category. Thus this man page may not be complete, nor current, and was included in the Red Hat CVS tree because man is a great tool :).

My manager has just quit. Oh, ffs.

It looks like the USPS tracking website has been on the fritz for few days now.

Am I the only one with no tracking information whatsoever?!

The nice folks at CERN have made a version of the original WorldWideWeb browser that runs... in the browser.

[At the time the thing was running on NeXTSTEP and was written in Objective-C.]

Browse like it's 1990!


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