So the function builders’ semantics in Swift 5.1 turns out to be extremely powerful and versatile.

We are now starting to see a system programming language that strives to be cross platform, with formal ABI stability and variably clear idioms. Something that C++ couldn’t entirely achieve in 30 years.

Let’s hope Apple doesn’t fuck this up: the Swift team has been the coolest in keeping up the promise of open source development with a refreshingly transparent approach.

Heaven smells like freshly baked bread.

Aww, Firefox Bookmarks Sync is still a disaster. It never does the right thing...🤦‍♂️

Anybody around here using Swift for non-Apple related projects, perhaps on Linux or some BSD?

Turns out that... I like scotch.

Anybody interested in doing some C++ and Python development?

My team is hiring in Sunnyvale, CA. Ping me if interested!

Am I the only one around here deeming the choice of @mozilla to enable DoH on by default (in the US, for now) a particularly questionable one?

So the CEO of Mozilla Corporation has resigned...

This is interesting for news for whoever knows Mozilla from the inside as it may very well open yet another power struggle that - in turn - might damage Moz more than its current market position.

I’ve developed such a thin skin these days that even a fart would make me doubt myself.

Who knows, perhaps somebody in the Silicon Valley is starting to wake up?

Plain curiosity: is anybody here using cpio archives for anything other than ram filesystems?

So this guy turned his Macintosh SE/30 into a webserver.

And, of course, he makes it accessible to everybody over the Internet.

Head over to to sign his guestbook.

In case it goes offline, the Internet Archive has already done its job and cached it forever:

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2020: walmart buys tumblr for $10 and a gift card

I became such a socially awkward idiot...🙄🤦‍♂️

‪So Swift is really a thing in the backend?‬

There’s this news making a lot of noise on Twitter and reddit: apparently Chris Chibnall has left (or has been let go from) the production.

Fucking hell, this instructor guy is terrible.🤢

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