I just don’t want to move today. Let me stay here...

So the empire is collapsing before our own eyes...

Episode number 2 of Utopia: I’m 90% sure it’s shit.

Napa and Sonoma again on fire.

I think there’s something idiotic in this: things are set on fire by farting around here. And still everybody keeps building everything with wood and cardboard.

Judging from O. Henry's original definition, USA is pretty much a Banana Republic already.

The thought alone to have to go back to work on Monday really kills me from within...😖

This is not something you see that often these days...

Thank you Apple for making me spend my Saturday evening recovering my MacMini because of the fuck up with 10.15.7.

While I try to go solo, I think it's time to give a refresh to my resume...

“Florida is lifting all the COVID restrictions”

More dangerous than COVID is the idiocy virus...

Let’s do something here: the year you turned 10 years old, with one image.

Here’s mine.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid assholes.

Almost every single UPS delivery that I got(?) in the last few months suffered some sort of issue: the delivery estimate has always been missed, many have been epically delayed, one got literally lost and never made it.

All this while Amazon still doesn’t seem too prone to coalesce shipments on their last mile: eg you order two pens of different color and they may very well end up being shipped and DELIVERED separately.

I’ve very found out that Stefano Quintarelli (aka Quinta) - an highly respected “internet guy” in Italy - has joined Mastodon.

He toots as @quinta.

Iniziamo questa nuova giornata di merda...

I moved to the US from Italy 10 years or so ago. I’m still in the same apartment where I was in 2011; this apartment is in a complex with hundreds of other apartments: it’s gigantic.

For the first time since 2011 I’m starting to see empty apartments and parking spaces.

Honest confession: whenever I hear the word “balaclava” my brain 🧠 pictures this...

My mother has the most amazing talent: she manages to make me crazy in less than 2 minutes, every time.

Is it just me or there are way more ads on YouTube recently?

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