Just read that Domino’s Pizza has gone belly up in Italy and filed for bankruptcy protection.

Gotta confess I didn’t even know somebody could be so “brave” (or stupid, I’ll leave it to you) to open something like that in Italy.

Alright I think I should really start to look for a new Mastodon home: any suggestion for an instance like x0r? Meaning: small and friendly, international and generic?

In these past few months I started keeping a lot from my mother. Phone calls became very short and quiet.

She has a very low freak out point.

Today I made the mistake of telling her about a mushroom grow kit I was gifted.

Now it’s all about dying of a painful death due to mushroom poisoning.

(No shit I have constant anxiety attacks for pretty much everything now that I’m in my 40s)

Not sure why but when I have troubles sleeping browsing old websites or modern “smol websites” soothes me a lot.
…as long as it works… 😅

Sounds like Linus really likes new AppleSilicon MacBook Airs, except for the OS of course. 😅

Very lazy Friday so far. Got very pissed with my boss and that steered my whole day toward a sense of neglect and “carelessness”.

How’s been your Friday so far folks?

I've been filling this job application for like... DAYS

It's one of the most verbose and pointless questionnaires I've ever seen.

And yes, I'm tempted not to respond and just let it go (I'd hate to work for somebody with this attitude), however: this is for a company that well... I don't hate actually. Not yet, at least.

Hey y’all!

(Yeah, nothing to say… I just wanted to say hi 😅)

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Right on, folks. Have a good night and to whoever’s already facing Monday morning: YOU. CAN. DO. IT!

Apple recently swapped the AirPods Pro I originally bought in 2020.

They fell within a recall campaign for weird sound issues. Didn’t notice much until one of them started to do a slight crackling sound.

Anyhow, got a new pair yesterday (for free) and goddamn: night and day. Dynamic range is totally different and the overall sound resolution is wowza 🤩 .

Picture it: somebody plays an acoustic guitar behind a closed door.

Then somebody slams the door open...

After the announcement of x0r.be's shutdown I think I should really start looking for a new small instance.

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Hey all! This is your regular reminder that I'm looking for entry level / junior #infosec or #cybersec roles! I have over 6 years of IT experience and have always had a passion for #security and I'm ready to bring it to a company near you! Boosts appreciated!

Turns out that with all the all too known political shenanigans Italy gets some of the important things just right. Interesting article!


In front of a local post office. Whoever did this: you’re the best!

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