The Linux Plumbers Conference is so hard to attend from California. Very weird schedule, though I think it makes sense given the contributors sparse location.

My darkest secret 

My darkest secret…

I browse random pages on Neocities to relax.

Sometimes, like tonight, I miss being with “my people“: that’s what happens when you expat and move to the other side of the world at a non-young age…

I did it in my late 20s.

Rude opinion about DuckDuckGo 

I've basically given up using DuckDuckGo.

Why? Because the average results are - at best - questionable.

It's not about skimming through results to find the thing you seek, it's about getting back results that are pretty much outside of the searched context.

All this to say: it's pretty much shit.

This annual "iPhone hysteria" is so boring.

I used to be so darn excited at the idea of new cool stuff (primary software and Mac) from Apple up until few years ago.

Now everything's bleak and predictable and just meh.

I really can't understand how people didn't get bored of all this.

Google has apparently removed all signs from their search results that clearly identify AMP pages.

So there seems to be no way to discern AMP results from normal pages.

Douchebaggery at work, ladies and gentlemen. Douchebaggery at work.

‘bit political 

Interesting to see how Kamala Harris is doing these days: she’s pretty much disappeared.

Giving a shot. Seems very nice so far.

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"Forget is a service that automatically deletes your old posts. Shouldn't databases forget too?"

(and there has been MastoPurge for a while:

But there's something even better coming: Native Mastodon auto-deletions:

by @Claire (thanks @angristan for sharing!)

🥳 #mastodon

Anybody around here immigrated to Scotland in the past year or so?

My SO and I are seriously entertaining the idea of moving to Scotland.

My mastodon archival job has been consistently failing for weeks now.

Anybody else getting generic HTTP 500 with mastodon-archive?

Awesome Git afecionados, fyi there are two new porcelains in town:

* git switch: to move (switch) across HEADs

* git restore: to restore files (eg pick/restore file from a specific revision in the working copy).

The TL;DR is: they kinda/sorta do whatever git checkout used to do, but with a tiny bit clearer semantics.

They're available in git-2.23 and onwards.

I have a $5 PC that can run anything I’d love and connect with the whole world.

…but I’m so depleted of energies and enthusiasm that I struggle to find any pleasure in it.

13~16 years old me would have been in total awe in front of something like this.'s one of those days... 

Today I see the world in grayscale.
Everything looks flat and boring.

About the whole discussion about @Gargron's comment about the "Local" timeline that might go away [1]: personally I love(d) Mastodon BECAUSE OF the local timeline.

The local tab is where I spend most of my interactions with the rest of the community: x0r is not a big instance, and that's why I like it so much.

It's like that pub on the corner where you meet your pals. There may not be anybody around, so yes: let's check the plaza.

But the "pub" is where I'll head.


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I think @gargron is making a big mistake here by signaling his intent to phase out the local timeline :

Besides debates about what "diverse" means, it's taking away a major incentive for people to start and maintain an instance.

Starting an instance to host a community is appealing to some people.

Starting an instance to do free IT for a distributed server farm of homogeneous instances seems like a hard sell.

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