Found this paper about -19 mentioned on HN today. If confirmed it’d be quite interesting:

SARS-CoV-2 was detected in Barcelona sewage long before the declaration of the first COVID-19 case, indicating that the infection was present in the population before the first imported case was reported. Sentinel surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater would enable adoption of immediate measures in the event of future COVID-19 waves.


Got in the "Universal App Quick Start Program", which includes the new Apple Silicon DTK loaner.

Being a Santa Clara county resident I got applied the relevant sales tax.

...for something that is on loan...

My job in the past 2~ years:

* Get some unrealistic deadline few days away
* Almost die to kind-of-meet it
* Fight with documents/clinical/QAs/formal testing protocols for the next 8 months
* Get the daily random superhero asking why/how/what the heck the 'feature ain't work'
* Deal with the superhero for the whole day, until he/she realizes the thing has always worked perfectly
* Back to square 0 (because array start from 0, you motherfuckers)

Things I’ve been deeply hating since moving to California: the god***n carpet everywhere.

Cheap plywood and carpet everywhere.

I cannot think of something less hygienic and prone to fire/rot.

I have something important to say, and it’s a bit sensitive.

...I’ve bought an air fryer.

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‘been 10 years here and I still hate the clumsy average California housing build quality. Even IKEA sells better stuff.

After months of craziness I’ve taken the day the slowest I could.

... it feels so good to be human.

Spending the time favoriting all the recent @Indie’s toots to make her phone dingdong...

I forgot how much porn is readily available on the federated timeline. 😅

It’s not that I don’t want to work anymore... it’s like: man, every single management structure I got in contact with is made of a different sort of dumbasses.

I've just realized that there seems to be no "file" I/O in the Swift base library, which is... interesting??!

You either read the whole file in memory in a generic Data (or String) buffer, or you have to rely on the POSIX open()/read() if you want to do a simple line-by-line/char-by-char read.


Open Source software engineering positions are weird because it's like great job on your contributions on the project XYZ now do it again but we want you to push our MegaCorp, Inc. agenda and if you don't like it, we can fire you at any time.

Bird site is saying the dickbag is not well. Too bad...

Where is the 🍍 topping for our 🍕?

Where’s the the Alfredo for our fettuccine?

@Indie we miss you!

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