Middle-of-the-night ice cream 🍨 eating oh yeah!

Nobody around to judge you or share the stuff with. OH YEAH!

The tone of the latest Facebook recruiters is so petty...

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Write your code as though you're expecting to die tomorrow and as though you actually care about the person who will take up your position after you.

Calling my mother is getting increasingly frustrating...

Yep, sr.ht was offline.

Or probably it was unreachable... likely due to some routing issue with Quonix.

So the small landing page for (what I hope will be) my way out of the corporate employee life is half-way done.

No JavaScript. No raster images.
One page, simple layout, not much text.

Why? I have no customer or "customer experience" to introduce, so I gotta sell my expertise using a bit of visuals.

Christ. What a fucked up country...

Friends, today we celebrate La Befana: a very Italian holiday that marks the ending of the Christmas break.

La Befana is an old lady with a broomstick 🧹 and she comes during the night of the Epiphany to bring you candies and gifts if you behaved or pieces of coal otherwise.

To me it’s a celebration way more important than Christmas.

La Befana vien di notte con le scarpe tutte rotte, col vestito da romana, viva viva la Befana

Folks, The Hoff is selling his KITT... and if you have deep enough pockets he’ll drive it all the way to you.


Not even started my holidays and I’m already feeling under pressure/guilty for work stuff. Gosh, this is sooo painful

Wow... I’m on PT here while most of my friends and family are in EU.

It’s been ten years of the same story: I’m so far away, in an alien world with an alien time, to the point that nobody at home literally remembers that I exist.

If you're up for a shitty movie to start your 2021, here's Johnny Mnemonic.

A cheesy tale of a guy with a 80GB drive in his head: technology, information and dystopia.

Here, enjoy it: youtube.com/watch?v=Uwl5MBzTCR

Right on! My 10 days vacation has just started!


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