I still can’t wrap my head around these new iMacs. All these colors and an attempt to make the design more accessible... then poof: external power brick (first time ever on an iMac) and literally no I/O.

What strikes me as bad here is that there’s no marketing material that shows the power brick, and I’m pretty sure a non-trivial number of people will be surprised when they’ll open the box.

A'right, folks: "toot" is no more. Starting today we'll be /posting/.

Here's the relevant PR from @Gargron: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

So yeah, I was listening to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness... and that somehow reminded me of @nd.😮

I know I’m repeating myself. But this watch face is just friggin’ awesome.

Although I don't like Rust I am rather curious about it.

Today I found one of the best learning resources about it, from... Microsoft.

Here, take a look at it: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn

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Hey Europeans, there's a European citizens initiative going round right now for universal/unconditional basic income.

The deadline has just been extended to the start of May.

Be cool if you signed it!


American health”care” is the apotheosis of senseless, uncontrolled and utter capitalism with the ultimate intent of spoiling the regular joes.

Got my first Moderna shot at a CVS few weeks ago as part of a priority group (healthcare/essential worker and all, as debatable as it may be).

Anyhow: apparently my HMO here in California is now offering me to give me the second shot. And I wonder: should I go to the CVS again or should I trust my HMO?

Go figure...

Soooo many ads on the birdsite, goddamnit...

I’m not a morning person. By far... but in the last couple of days I’ve woken up at 7.30am. Just like that.

And here’s the surprise: there’s light outside, and no dangerous creature roaming around the wilderness ready to kill you and eat you.

I’ve been living a lie!!1!

Oh no it’s Sunday... it means... it means tomorrow... woooooooork

The other day my mother - highly educated and relatively active woman at her age - turned on her Windows PC after few days of inactivity and boom: she got slammed with a pseudo-OOBE flow triggered by a new update.

Completely modal flow: unskippable, and very very nosy.

Now: I do understand the push to advertise the fucking Edge/Office365 at every turn, ffs: is it really hard to imagine that random bastards use their PC just for simple stuff and they don’t care or need that sort of shit?!

This morning I woke up and the first thing I thought was... "how the heck do you translate the word whimsical to italian?!"

TIL that XENIX was stupidly expensive: licenses started at $2000 all the way up to $9000.

And this was in the early 80s...🤯

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